(June 2008) 13 tracks: The Challenge * The Gift * The Battle * The Finn Woman * Waiting For The Silver-Sailed Moon * Bullies * The Monster * The Boy Warrior * The Faerie-Queen * The Ford Of Tiree * On The Kelpie's Back * The Gift Of Freedom * Battle For The Islands.

A beautifully illustrated book with the CD in the back cover, this is a narrated adventure set against a stunning musical backdrop, bringing classical music to the world of children.

The legend of Misterstourworm is narrated by Billy Boyd (from Lord Of The Rings), story by Stuart Paterson, with music by Savourna Stevenson performed by The Orchestra Of Scottish Opera.

There are also three songs - The Finn Woman, Waiting For The Silver-Sailed Moon and Bullies - performed by National Youth Chamber Orchestra Of Scotland and RSNO Junior Chorus, as well as instrumental tracks.

The CD comprises both narrated version with orchestra and an orchestral suite without narrative.

"The package is just the ticket for young children who like a good tale well told." (The Scotsman)

"This is a treat for everyone to enjoy, and the most wonderful part is that the music grows on you, the more you hear it. The story also comes through more clearly when you get to know the music, so I recommend you listen to it several times over a few weeks, to turn it into a family favourite. It provides a glorious experience for children and grown ups alike." (Bachtrack.com)

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