(2002) 12 dances: Mercia (8x32 reel) * A Highland Welcome In Switzerland (64 bar strathspey) * Trip Around The World (4x32 jig) * Nothing In Common (6x32 strathspey) * Irene McLean Of Duns (4x32 reel) * The Falkirk Lass (8x32 strathspey) * See You Down Under (4x32 jig) * The Rocking Horse (2x {48 strathspey 48 jig} medley) * The Ruby Hornpipe (3x32 reel) * The Scottish Castle (64 bar strathspey) * Sheena's Buckle (8x32 jig) * Par For The Course (8x32 reel).

This great book provides notes, instructions and the full name tune for each of the twelve Scottish Country dances on the Dancing Fingers vol 5 CD.

A complete set of the sheet music as recorded on the CD can be found in The Merse Companion Tunebook.

Music composed by Muriel Johnstone, published by Scotscores - the tunes are written for both hands on keyboard, with chords.

A4 paperback, 27 pages.

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