15 Tracks: The Queen Of All Argyll * It Was A' For Our Rightfu' King * Roll The Old Chariot Aka A Drop of Nelson's Blood * Set Of Tunes * When We Go Rolling Home * There's A Long Long Trail * The World Turned Upside Down * Take Me Out Drinking Tonight * Haul Away * Are You Sleeping Maggie * No Ash Will Burn * Trooper And the Maid * Tartan Plaidie * Tae The Beggin * Only Remembered.

The latest collection of 15 great tracks from one of Scotland's most popular travelling folk bands North Sea Gas.

North Sea Gas have been entertaining audiences all around the world for over 37 years.

Latest collection for the band and also includes a lyrics song booklet.

North Sea Gas are: Dave Gilfillan, Ronnie MacDonald and Grant Simpson.

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