(1994) 12 tracks (47 mins): The Barnyards o' Delgaty, The Burn o' Craigie / The Moon Coin Jig / Miss Isobel Blackley, The Banks o' Sicily, The Sportsman's Haunt / Mrs Baily of Redcastle / Sherlock's Fancy, A Wife in Every Port, Boondock Skank, The Pills of White Mercury, Miss Shepherd / Sandy Grant / The Hurricane, Lay Ye Doon Love, Willie's Aul' Trews / The Auld Reels, P Stands for Paddy, The Buzzard.

North-East acoustic group with Ian Benzie (vocals, guitar), Jonnie Hardie (fiddle), Buzby MacMillan (bouzouki, bass) and Davy Cattanach (percussion).

"Breathing new life into old tunes and more importantly old songs" (Folk Roots)

"Old Blind Dogs have created an instantly recognizable trademark sound built around fiddle, percussion, bass and lan F Benzie's commanding voice that is equally capable of moving your heart as it is your feet" (The Lemon Tree)

"Innovative, exciting and original... With them the traditional is still alive and well and moving towards the 21st century" (The Living Tradition)

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