(May 2009) 15 tracks (64 mins): Bennachie * The Salmon Leap * Kilbogie * Lay Ye Doon Love * Mormond Braes * The Universal Hall * The Cruel Sister * Bedlam Boys * The Broken Pledge * The Twa Corbies * Glen Kabul * The Wee Wee German Lairdie * The Pills Of White Mercury * The Buzzard * The Barnyards of Delgaty.

A compilation of some of the best recordings by one of the finest bands from the North East of Scotland.

Great songs and cracking instrumental sets - a perfect introduction.

Jonny Hardie (fiddle, mandolin, whistle, bouzouki, guitars, vocals), Ian F Benzie (guitar, vocals), Buzzby McMillan (bass, banjo, cittern, whistle, vocals) and Davy Cattanach (percussion, xylophone, cittern, vocals) with Davy Shannon (harmonica), Gavin Marwick (fiddle) and Fraser Fifield (border pipes, saxophone, whistles).

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