(May 2010) 18 tracks (1h 12 mins): Sleepytoon In The Morning (Jim Taylor) * Robin Hood And The Tanner (Bob Lewis) * My Auld Sheen (Chris Miles) * Erin Go Bragh (Jimmy Hutchison) * Lady Jean (Jo Miller) * There's Bound To Be A Row (Henry Douglas) * Rigs O' Rye (Jim Taylor) * The Oxen Ploughing (Bob Lewis) * The False Lover Won Back (Jimmy Hutchison) * The Battle O' Harlaw (Jock Duncan) * Whistle O'er The Lave O't (Jo Miller) * Spread The Green Branches (Bob Lewis) * The Lothian Hairst (Jimmy Hutchison) * Sir Patrick Spens (Jock Duncan) * Mill O Tiftie's Annie (Chris Miles) * Bandy's Roup (Jim Taylor) * The Drowned Lovers (Bob Lewis) * The Parting Glass (Jo Miller).

2009 recordings from The Fife Traditional Singing Festival, the annual weekend of concerts and workshops held near Collessie in Fife.

Many of the finest traditional singers from Scotland and beyond gather in May each year for this festival.

Singers this time are Bob Lewis from Sussex, renowned for his fine style and extensive repertoire of songs from southern England, singer and fiddle player Jo Miller from Stirling, local singers Chris Miles from Kirkcaldy and Jimmy Hutchison (originally from Skye and now living in Newburgh), the great North East ballad singer Jock Duncan from Pitlochry, Henry Douglas from Hawick (renowned for his repertoire of Border common riding songs) and Jim Taylor from Aberdeenshire.

The great Jimmy McBeath was source singer for many great old songs, including the title song on this CD. The full-size model of Jimmy on the cover was made by Penicuik artist Jan Miller.

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