(July 2008) : The Wee Toun Clerk * Beside Her Faither's Cottage * Fee'd Tae The Drum * The Gallant Forty Twa * I Must Away * The Moss O' Burreldale * I'm A Peer Rovin Lassie * The Bureau * The Muckin' O' Geordie's Byre * The Twa Brothers * Bogie's Bonnie Belle * The Faryard Gate * The Winter It Is Past * It's Aa Yin Tae Me * Parting Song * Robin Hood And The Pedlar * Nancy's Whisky * Catch Me If You Can.

Live recordings from the Traditional Singing Weekend at Collessie, Fife in May of 2008.

Featuring some of the great Bothy Ballad singers - Gordeanna McCullough, Alex Clarke, Gordon Easton, Elizabeth Stewart, Duncan Williamson, Hector Riddell, Jock Duncan.

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