(January 2013) 15 tracks: Signature Tune * The Old Polka / Dancing Waves * Jarl Hunter Of Gillaburn * Ganglat Fran Appelbo * Waiting For The Federals / The Barrowburn Reel / La Grande Chain * Bonnie Strathmore * Inganess / The Strynd / El Adhem * Looking For A Partner * Simon Thoumire's Jig / Out On The Ocean / The Fireside Jig * Amlies Valse * Smith's Farewell To Shetland / Sands Of Burrafirth * Jig Run Rig * Father John MacMillan Of Barra / George Borwick's 70th * Return To The Brandy Wine / The Tennessee Waltz * Mill Brae / Mickie Ainsworth / Itchy Fingers / The High Drive.

In celebration of 65 years of the Orkney Strathspey and Reel Society, this album has a mix of great music from Orkney, Shetland and beyond.

The joy of playing traditional music brings the Society members together each week with regular practices at 'The Reel' in Kirkwall.

From its beginnings in 1948, they have performed with great enthusiasm at various events throughout Orkney and continue to keep the traditional style alive by always encouraging young players to join in.

The future is bright as the Society currently boasts a good number of young players.

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