(July 2008) : The Creel * Lament To The Moon * Meet An Irishman * Slieve Na Mban * The Highwayman Outwitted * The Dawn Pack * Come, Come Away * The Shirt My Father Wore * Where Is My Norah * An Cualain Coo * The Big Ship * Mccaffery * Forgetting The Lesson * The Barnyard * The Leather Britches * The Drummer Boy Of Waterloo * The Shores Of Lough Erne * Blow The Bellows * Cod Liver Oil * Un-Named Air * The Rich Man's Daughter * Rambling Irishman.

On the Veteran label.

Packie Manus Byrne was born in 1917 on a small isolated farm in rural Donegal.

This album represents some of Packie’s finest work.

He learned songs from his family and relatives as well as from other local singers.

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