10 Tracks: Hooray Henry * Donside / Mrs Ross's Rant * The River Princes * Thugainn / Springa Like Marit * A Precious Place * Half Acre * Bridge Of Garry * Lost In Green * Kite Song * The Baby Tune.

'Taken the right path', this long awaited solo album marks the next chapter in Patsy's remarkable musical journey.

Patsy is a unique and admired musician and composer, known for her work with Breabach, The Unusual Suspects, Vamm, or as part of The Cecil Sharp Project or Kathryn Tickell’s Northumbrian Voices... to name but a few of the many collaborations.

She decided to take time out from her busy work schedule to work on another solo album. Her last solo album was released in 2008.

The result a diverse album mixing traditional, contemporary songs and original compositions.

Patsy Reid (violin, viola, cello, vocals), Mhairi Hall (piano), Ewan MacPherson (guitar, banjo, mandolin), Ben Nicholls (double bass, harmonium), Fraser Fifield (soprano sax, whistle), Signy Jakobsdottir (percussion), Mattie Foulds (drum kit, vocals).

"She has an accuracy and tone that many fiddlers only dream of. She has truly mastered her instrument and has developed a unique style which seems to grow in depth and maturity each time I hear her." Aidan O'Rourke.

"On The Brightest Path, Reid steps out into the light with a solo album that shines as much for its good nature as its skilful musicianship." 1320 Radio.

"The Brightest Path is a tapestry of traditional tunes, contemporary songs and original compositions". Karin Horowitz, Bright Young Folk.

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