(November 2008) 12 tracks (50 mins): Intro * Baby Broon (Reel In The Aeolian Mode) * Space To Breathe (Jig in the Ionian Mode) * Slowing Down (Slow Air in the Aeolian Mode) * Vanessa Edward's Enviable Rhythm (7/8 Tune In The Dorian Mode) * The Strath Sunrise (Slow Air In The Lydian Mode) * Two of a Kind (March in the Mixolydian Mode) * Recapitulation of Baby Broon * Not From These Parts (Strathspey In The Phrygian/Locrian Modes) * Five Is Better (Reel In The Dorian Mode) * At The Edge * Life is Good (Hornpipe in the Ionian Mode).

Commissioned as part of the Celtic Connections New Voices series in January 2008, Bridging The Gap received such glowing reviews that it was recorded and released as this CD.

The piece comprises nine original melodies on each of the seven modern modes of music - Ionian, Dorion, Phrygian, Lydian, Mixolydian, Aeolian and Locrian.

Each mode has a distinctive flavour, character and colour of its own, and seamlessly bridges the gap between folk and classical music.

Patsy Reid is from Knapp in Perthshire and is an experienced teacher and performer of both traditional and classical music. She remains the youngest ever winner of the prestigious Glenfiddich Fiddle Championship and released her debut solo album With Complements in 2002.

At 17, Patsy was a finalist in the original BBC Young Traditional Musician of the Year Award and is now a member of the group Breabach, who won a Danny Kyle Award at Celtic Connections 2005.

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