(March 2003) 14 tracks: 1 * City of Walls * Since * Dunfermline * Heaven's Full * Work Song * Billy's Birl * The Bridge * Gad Ionndrainn * A Ferro e Fogo * Nothing to Lose * A Child * Taking Back the Land * Nineteen Trees * Annie.

An intriguingly and disturbingly different CD containing music which is undoubtedly Scottish in origin, but combined with the ethnic diversity of Brazilian instrumentation, electronic wizardry, Arabic verses, and Gaelic song generated from other albums and re-worked.

Very much a contemporary album in its type of exploration, yet just doing what musicians have done for centuries - borrowing influences and updating techniques. Most of the material has been written or adapted by Paul Mounsey, and features diverse acoustic instrumentation with a forest of South American percussion.

Paul Mounsey (keyboards, programming, vocals) with Betina Stegmann (violin), Marcelo Jaffe (violin, viola), Moxe Riberio (percussion), Alexandre Mihanovich (guitars, bass), Teco Cardoso (flutes, fifes, whistle, saxophone), Daniel Alcantara (trumpet), Lula Alencar (accordion) and Lollo Andersson (guitars).

Featuring the voices of Flora MacNeil, Mary Jane Lamond, Anna Murray, Mairi MacInnes and Oumayma El-Khalil.

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