10 Tracks: Country Boy * Loch Maree Islands * Heorna Mhor * Say You Love Me * Yes A'Bhalaich * Stornoway * Western Isles * Plate Full Of Sgadan * Kenny Dhomhnaill Fhionnlaigh * Salt And Pepper.

Taking the Highland music scene by storm are Stornoway band Peat & Diesel.

Their debut album 'Uptown Fank' features mostly songs composed by the band but also includes their own arrangements of a few well-known tunes.

The band have their second album due out end of January 2020, the storm continues!

Calum 'Boydie' Macleod (guitar, vocals), Uilleam 'Uilly' Macleod (drums), Innes Scott (midi accordion).

"Well Coves and Blones (Translation-Boys and Girls), this here is our album. How it ever got this far we have no idea. It's not everyone's Cupan ti, but ones that understood exactly what was going on inside this Cupan ti at the very beginning are the ones that have given us the 'get up and go' to it is done!"Peat & Diesel).

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