Peter Bellamy - Barrack Room Ballads Of Rudyard Kipling

Peter Bellamy - Barrack Room Ballads Of Rudyard Kipling

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(April 2013) 24 tracks: CD1: Tommy * Soldier, Soldier * Mandalay * Troopin' * Cells * Danny Deever * Bill 'Awkins * Shillin' A Day * Loot * The Widow At Windsor * The Widow's Party * Gunga Din.

CD2: Ford O' Kabul River * Follow Me 'Ome * Young British Soldier * The Baynit And The Butt * That Day * Private Otheris' Song * Cholera Camp * The Ladies * Gentlemen Rankers * Route Marching * Back To The Army Again * Bill 'Awkins (Alternative Version).

A third album based on Rudyard Kipling, by one of the most creative artists from the British Folk scene.

Peter Bellamy believed that Rudyard Kipling was influenced by folk songs and so began giving the poems tunes.

His third album of these settings, based on Kipling's 'Barrack Room Ballads', became recognised as a classic.

Rudyard Kipling published two collections of Barrack Room Ballads; the first appeared in 1892, the second, published four years later contained poems which are less familiar to the modern reader.

Peter Bellamy was an English folk singer. He was a founding member of The Young Tradition but also had a long solo career, recording numerous albums and touring folk clubs and concert halls.

A charismatic, controversial and troubled character he committed suicide in 1991. But still his music lives on.

Here it is reissued for the first time in its entirety. Peter also worked on some more songs which he put together and called 'Soldiers Three' and these can be found on disc two of this double CD.

With the current military operations in Afghanistan these lyrics echo down through the decades being based as they were on the first and second Afghan Wars in the 19th Century.

Peter Bellamy (vocal, anglo concertina), Chris Birch (fiddle, harmony vocals), Tony Hall (melodeon), Howard Parker (drum), Jaimie O'Dwyer (fiddle), Keith Marsden (vocal).

Chorus singers: Keith Marsden, Steve Tilson, Nigel Schofield.

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