(June 2013) 10 tracks: Finavon Castle * Captain Kim Frizzell * Sound Of Taransay * West Of Rockall * Reel For Ruairidh * West Coast Airs * Old Pier Road * The North Shore * Major John MacLennan * Megan's Wedding.

A very beautiful first CD from Phil, showcasing his own melodic compositions along with a host of Scotland's finest musicians.

Phil Smillie, known for his work as part of the popular Tannahill Weavers, started recording this ambitious project in 2012.

His own talents as an accomplished musician,composer and producer shine through.

The Sound of Taransay, is a body of water which lies just off the Isle of Harris and rolls onto the beautiful sandy beaches of Luskentyre.

Music making at the highest level!

"In many ways, this album has turned out to be a gathering of many friends whom I've had the great pleasure of sharing a stage with over the years....Brilliant musicians! Wonderful people! Just a joy to play with..." Phil Smillie.

Ross Ainslie (highland bagpipes), Kenny Forsyth (highland bagpipes), Russell Hunter (piano), Gary Innes (accordion) * Aaron Jones (bouzouki, low bouzouki, bass), Hugh "Shuggie" MacCallum (percussion), Dougie MacLean (fiddle) * John Martin (fiddle), Dougie McCance (border pipes), Charlie McKerron (fiddle), Stuart Morison (fiddle), Fred Morrison (uilleann pipes), Patsy Seddon (harp).

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