(1997) 11 tracks (54 mins): Mission 2 * Planet Porridge * Coronach * Jones * 93rd At Modder River * Mhairi Bhan Og * Twilight Storm * Dr Strange * Mission1 * Wax Reels * Gulravage

Stomping good tunes and Celtic sounds from the future, The Porridge Men present an album of new Celtic music with a strong traditional heritage.

Music on the bagpipes, fiddle, keyboards, accordion, drums and didgeridoo - exciting stuff.

As featured at the 2006 Turin Winter Olympics figure skating - the music used by the Great Britain team of John and Sinead Kerr.

"The Porridge Men are Scotland's best kept musical secret: an underground contemporary cult collective that defies easy categorisation and holes intended for pigeons." (Richard Moore)

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