RS MacDonald - The Collection

RS MacDonald - The Collection

format: sheet music   |   ref: RSCOL01   |   released: December 2016   |   weight: .225kg   |   condition: new


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First collection from well known pipe Roddy MacDonald, originally from Benbecula now based in Queensland, Australia.

This sheet music collection was released at Piping Live! 2009. Containing 62 original compositions.

A must for any modern music collectors library.

Contents: Showacho (March) * Ralph Potter (March) * Quentin Bryce A.C. (March) * Bob Atkinson A.P.M. (March) * John Goodwin (March)* Coolhurst Castle (Strathspey) * Green Day (Strathspey) * Washington Court (Strathspey) * Famous Fourth (Strathspey) * Mrs Nadia MacIsaac (Strathspey) * Glenogle (Strathspey) * Beaver Club (Reel) * Pivovar Express (Reel) * MV River Rat (Reel) * Smoking The Wasps (Reel) * Electric Chopsticks (Reel) * Reedmaker's Reel (Chris Apps) (Reel) * Bullet Train (Reel) * Elav The Terrible (Hornpipe) * Jack MacIsaac (Hornpipe) * John Recknagels Fancy (Hornpipe) * El Paco Grande (Hornpipe) * Gaelic College, St Annes (Hornpipe) * Good Drying (Hornpipe) * Sam O'Rye (Hornpipe) * Secret Creek (Hornpipe) * Monmouth Drive (Hornpipe) * Queensland Irish Association Pipe Band 80th Anniversary (Hornpipe) * Passive Drinker (Hornpipe) * Vale Of Atholl Pipe Band (Hornpipe) * Superdry (Hornpipe) * Funnel (Hornpipe) * Oh Aye? (Jig) * King Danced At Dawn (Jig) |* Last Tango In Harris ( Jig) * Millstead (Jig) * Trevor Warnock (Jig) * Fritz Hoffman (Jig) * Adelaide Tattoo (Jig) * Willie Cochrane (Jig) * JK's Jig * Bootleg Brew (Jig) * Long Morning (Jig) * Apparition (Jig) * Jimmy Hey (Jig) * Pivovar Express (Jig) * Konjo Mimi (Jig) * North American Pipe Band (Jig) * Second At Pugwash (Jig) * Departure (Slow Air) * Distant Land (Slow Air) * Abercromby Place (Slow Air) * Woodhams Fiftieth (Slow Air) * Journey To The East (Slow Air) * Ruth Grant (Slow Air) * Lament For Angus Sixsmith (Slow Air) * Shonah (Waltz) * Good Times At Galliard (Waltz) * Harbour View (Waltz) * Margaret's Waltz * Lament For Kenneth Alexander MacLennan Of Connon Bridge (Piobaireachd).

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