6 Tracks: Fade (To Shades Of Black) * By The Day (One More Shave'N' Haircut) * Mindful * That Won't Stop Me * I Always Will * Water Is My Friend.

An EP from prolific and acclaimed songwriter and performer Rab Noakes.

When he was diagnosed with tonsillar cancer in 2015 Rab needed radiotherapy and chemotherapy, he responded by writing about the experience.

This six track EP is the result with each song reflecting a different aspect. There's no self-pity though, here you’ll find defiance, resilience, love, support and wit.

The musical influences here include country and blues, and the powerful melodies are complimented by impressive finger-picking guitar work.

"A brave and life-affirming set from a performer now thankfully back on tour." Robin Denselow the Guardian.

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