(August 2013) 16 tracks: Branch * How Can I Believe You Now? * Supposed To Be * High And Dry * Fallen Ones * Too Old To Die * Spanish Harlem * Heart Of The Darkness * Over And Out * Spin * I'm So Tired * Gently Does It * Light In My Heart * Take Me As I Am * Living In The Past * Somebody Counts On Me.

This album was recorded Live at the Edinburgh fringe 2005, a selection from Rab's vast repertoire of songs and recordings.

Rab played the Reid hall as part of the Edinburgh Fringe three years in a row 2003 to 2005.

On the last night sound engineer, David Waugh recorded the proceeding and this is the result.

"The lone figure of Rab Noakes quickly steps out of the shadows, into the spotlight, hooks on his vintage guitar and gets straight down to business..." Review Roots@The Reid.

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