(August 2013) 10 tracks: One For Us * East Church * Back Home At Onsbacken * Mary MacDonald's * Jordan Taylor's * Tuning Prelude * Tha m'Fhearann Saidhbhir * Da Haa * 25 * Jan's Return.

An exciting liason of four of Scotland's finest fiddle players, who collectively create a sound rich and vibrant.

In July 2012 the quartet came together for the first time with a debut performance, Bethany and Jenna Reid from Shetland and Sarah Jane Summers and Lauren McColl from the Highlands, this proved to be a hugh success!

They are well kent as solo fiddle players, and for their work with various bands, here their passion for their instrument is evident, a true celebration, intricate arrangements and a beautiful sound.

Scotland's chamber folk quartet, Rant.... you will want to speak about them!

"exquisitely performed... soaring, sonorous, ringing and richly textured." fRoots.

"delightful... a quartet which should enrich both the traditional and classical music scenes in future" Northings.com, live review.

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