(September 2009) 13 tracks: Kathleen McAdam's Scroll * The Music Makars * Tulloch Gorm * J.B.Milne * MacDonald Of The Isles * The Hamilton Rant * Teresita Waltz * White Heather Jig * Scotch Mist * Blue Moon Rendezvous * Magic Of Merrill * Asilomar Romantic * Reel Of The Royal Scots.

Scottish Country Dances and a waltz played by Reel Of Seven from the USA, recorded live at Asilomar.

The lineup of four fiddles, piano, cello, percussion and woodwind instruments makes for a distinctive, fresh and lively sound.

Deby Benton Grosjean, Janet Kurnick, Patty Van Winkle, Susan Worland (fiddles), Renata Bratt (cello), Shelley Phillips (oboe, flute, whistle, shakers), Gary Campus (percussion) and Andy Imbrie (piano).

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