10 Tracks: Walking Boots * Searching For You * Tricky Terrain * Lost In Time * The Deil's Awa * Ae Fond Kiss * Sunset Over Gourock * Countdown * I'm Not A Passenger, I'm Part Of The Landscape * Auld Lang Syne.

Tricky Terrain is band Reely Jiggered's third album.

The album takes it's inspiration from the band's travels and their home by the River Clyde.

Alison McNeill's compositions and lyrics are a reflection of the landscape, the people, the light and the water.

New works are supported by atmospheric arrangements of songs of a past resident of the band's coastal home – Robert Burns.

This album is current, exploring politics, mental health and world issues. Sewn into this latest output is a celebration of Scottish Culture and Cultural Diversity.

Reely Jiggered- Alison McNeill (fiddle, vocals), Fiona McNeill (guitar, bodhran, vocals), Scott McLean (drums).

Guest musicians: Stuart Taylor (keys), Gregor McPhie (bass).

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