19 Tracks: Ye Banks And Braes (Pentlands Folk) * The Glen Of Tranquility (Celtic Spirit) * Wild Mountain Thyme (Munros) * Land O' The Leal (Celtic Spirit)* Loch Lomond (Duncan McCrone) * Rowan Tree (Celtic Spirit) * Caledonia (The Macs) * Amazing Grace (Emma) * Island Song (Celtic Spirit) * Flowers O' The Forest (Munros) * Come O'er The Stream Charlie (Celtic Spirit) * Fields Of Gold (The MacDonald Bros) * Maid Of The Loch (Celtic Spirit) * The Rosebud (Celtic Spirit) * Dark Island (David Methven) * I Would Love You (Julienne Taylor) * Music Of Spey (The MacDonald Bros) * Flow Gently Sweet Afton (Celtic Spirit) * Guidnicht, And Joy Be Wi Yi A' (Duncan McCrone).

Sit back and enjoy the gentle soothing sounds of Scotland.

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