(December 2012) 11 tracks: Baravan Set * Bring The Boys Home * Diplodocus * Riot Act * Love Stone * Mozart * Show Of Hands * High Road * Run And Hide * Save Me * Party Scene.

In celebration of 20 years on the road, this new release is a long awaited album from one of Scotland's leading Celtic Rock Party Bands.

The band tour extensively throughout Scotland and also regularly in Europe. Normally a six/seven piece band this versatile group are in high demand at Festivals, gigs, Highland games and ceilidh dances.

Their route sound is pipe and fiddle led Celtic Rock but cover a wide range of material from ceilidh dances through to classic covers.

An interesting blend of tunes, a few original tunes and a series of contemporary original songs written by band member Jim Kennedy (singer/guitarist).

Scotland's wealth of rich history provides the inspiration for some of Jim's compositions.

At the heart of Rhythmnreel is it's bagpipes, fiddles and electric guitar and people enjoying themselves in an informal way.

Mike Brown (bass), Paul Dzialdowski (fiddle), Allan Hogg (sax), Jim Kennedy (guitar, vocals), Ali M Levack (whistles), Catriona Macaffer (accordion), Shona Macaffer (bagpipes, accordion),Conall Macillechiar (bagpipes), Stuart Macdonald (guitar), Donnie Mackillop (drums), Debbie Ross (fiddle, backing vocals), Gillian Stevenson (fiddle).

"This is an album filled with the energy and drive of a great live band." (Donnie Munro).

"Fantastic arrangements and some great playing." (Tom McConville - BBC Folk Musician of the Year).

"....simply the greatest band I had ever heard" (Monty Halls BBC1- Great Escape).

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