9 Tracks: You've Been Provost Since Methuselah Was A Wean * Charlie - It's A Matter Of State * Bonnie Prince Charlie's Mother Was The Princess Maria Clementina Sobieska * You're Not Going To Publish This? * We've Got 24 Hours To Work out What To Do! * You'll Be Liable For The Expenses Of The '45, Charlie! * Just Silly Wee Rumours... * Doctor Smellie, Come Back! * Anastasia!!

This vintage recording was made for radio in 1974 but never broadcast, it features one of Scotland's funniest comedians Rikki Fulton.

A fictional comedy, this well researched script contains a great deal of historical fact and adds an interesting twist to contemporary constitutional debate.

Rikki plays Provost Charlie Johnston who finds out that he may be descended from Bonnie Prince Charlie and possible heir to the Scottish Throne!

Sit back and enjoy this newly discovered gem with a glass of Drambuie, Bonnie Prince Charlie's gift to the islanders of Skye who helped him flee to France after Culloden.

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