25 Tracks: A Scottish Soldier (Andy Stewart) * Scotland The Brave (Clyde Valley Stompers) * My Ain Folk (Rikki Henderson) * Roamin' In The Gloaming (Sir Harry Lauder) * The Maid Gaed To The Mill (Ewan MacColl And Peggy Seeger) * Wi A Hundred Pipers (Kenneth McKellar) * Westering Home ( Robert Wilson ) * Dashing White Sergeant (Sir Jimmy Shand) * Skye Fishers Song (Kenneth McKellar) * Loch Lomond (Father Sydney MacEwan) * Smilin' Through (Master Joe Petersen) * Kishmul's Galley (Kenneth McKellar) * The Sweetest Song I Know (William McEwan) * The Primrose Polka (Sir Jimmy Shand) * Northern Lights Of Aberdeen (Robert Wilson) * My Hameland (Andy Stewart) * Coming Through The Rye (Rikki Henderson) * Gentle Annie (Father Sydney MacEwan) * Glasgow Peggy (Ewan MacColl) * Brennan On The Moor (Jeannie Robertson) * Wedding Of Mary McLean (Will Fyffe) * An Island Sheiling Song (Kenneth McKellar) * McGinty' Meal And Ale (Andy Stewart) * Waggle O' The Kilt (Sir Harry Lauder ) * Hoots Mon (Lord Rockingham's XI ).

25 Classic Scottish songs from legendary performers, Andy Stewart, Robert Wilson, Sir Harry Lauder and many more.

Take a nostalgic trip down memory lane with this budget CD.

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