A concise maintenance manual by Robert Wallace.

Foreword Robert Wallace
Your Bagpipe
Is Your Bag Airtight
Tying-In Stocks
Valves And Watertraps
Drone Reeds
Chanter Reeds
Chanter Tuning
Chanter Reed Troubleshooting
Drone Reed Troubleshooting

12 pages

"This handbook has important advice on how to keep your bagpipe in good playing order. A poorly maintained instrument will never sound well, nor be comfortable to play. The piper is totally responsible for the sound he or she produces and all your hard work learning tunes and perfecting your fingerwork will go for nothing if you have a pipe suffering from a lack of care and attention. Therefore a pride in the tone and look of your bagpipe is something you should cultivate. This handy manual will set you on the road to achieving a good sound and looking the part. Follow these simple guidelines and your instrument will repay you with years of pleasure and enjoyment." RW 2019.

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