(May 2011) 16 tracks: A Turquoise Frame of Mind * Talisker Bay * Special Sippin’ Whisky * Macallan * The Arran Dram * Old Minmore * Whisky For Breakfast * Black Art * The Wee Cooper O’ Fife * Monkey Shoulder * Snuffed Out * The Bruichladdich Dram * Paul Campbell * Loons is Loons * The Smallest Whisky Bar * Ein Letztes Glas - Bonus Track.

This is Robin’s fourth album on the subject of whisky, a favourite topic of his as you can imagine.

The previous albums are The Angel’s Share, The Water of Life and One For The Road.

The albums are in demand by all whisky connoisseurs and collectors, but are also sought after because of Robin’s fine singing voice and the excellent arrangements by producer Davie Scott (of The Pearlfishers fame).

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