12 Tracks: Comin' Through The Rye * Westlin' Winds * Ae Fond Kiss * I'm O'er Young * The Slave's Lament * Ca' The Yowes * Tae The Weavers * John Anderson My Jo * My Love Is Like A Red, Red Rose * Parcel O Rogues * There Was A Lad * Auld Lang Syne.

Robyn Stapleton explores the themes of humanity, history, love and nature through the poetry of Scotland’s national bard.

Robyn is joined on this album by many of Scotland’s finest instrumentalists, including: Patsy Reid, Jenna Reid, Alistair Paterson, Signy Jakobsdottir and Seonaid Aitken.

"Growing up in the South West of Scotland, I was introduced to singing through the songs of Robert Burns. From a very young age, his songs and poems gave me an appreciation of the Scots language and our cultural and musical heritage, which I've always been so proud to share. For many years now I have wanted to create an album that shows the incredible range of his works, covering the themes of humanity, history, politics, love and nature. I also wanted to create music that fully expresses the passion, humour and emotional truth within the songs, which deeply connects with people all over the world." Robyn Stapleton.

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