(May 2004) 16 tracks: Longships * Odyssey * An Teanga Riabhach * Brasag Mhor Domnuill Ghruamaich (Donald The Grim's Quickstep) / Caismeachd Mhic Iain'ic Sheamas (The Battle March by Mac Ian Hamish) * Tisha's Strathspey * Cuhma na Canaraig (Lament for the Canaray) * Casting Off * Moolight among the Pines * Shaw's Rant * Dunkeld House / Drunk at Night, Dry In the Morning * Scarlet Woman * Hebridean Hymn / Shetland Wedding * Teuch Sauchs * Eemis Stane * The Dream / The Flood * The Huntress and Her Dogs.

Soaring, soothing, yet subtly disturbing - this album of Scots cello music presents traditional tunes and tunes by Ron played to perfection.

Poems by Hugh MacDiarmid are sung by Rod Paterson (vocals, guitar) to Ron's playing, creating a beautiful and unearthly atmosphere.

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