(August 2008) 20 tracks: Hubbub * Willow Tree * Gyspy Laddie * The Watchman's Polka * Stagolee * The Call And The Answer * Steak & Groovy * Fear Of Falling * Folk Fae Fife * The Scrotum Song * Jennifer * Gamle Gulbrand * Steelmelters Son * Harmonius Welter * The Long Grey Line * Will Ye Go Lassie Go * Regrets * Drunken Doormouse * Star O' The Bar * Night Folks.

Music and song from artists associated with the famous Edinburgh folk pub.

Featuring Ross Galloway, Kris Drever & Sarah McFadyen, Neil Thomson, Ewen Forfar, Martin Boland, Rantum Scantum, Fribo, The Arrows, Alan Hunter and Aberfeldy.

For over 30 years, Edinburgh's Royal Oak has been a bastion for Scottish folk musicians and is renowned for its service to traditional music.

The sheer quantity of artists who have played or cut their musical teeth at No 1 Infirmary Street has earned it the affectionate handle of the Grand Ole' Opry Of Folk - from the likes of Bobby Eaglesham and Danny Kyle to Kris Drever and Karine Polwart.

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