This title is a Music Scotland All Time Bestseller.

(March 2012) 10 tracks: Intro: Oran Nan Mogaisean / The Bird's Nest / Mike Foley's Bodhran Problems / Three Crowns * The New Yorker * Mary * Sorley's: Sorley MacLean's / Tune For The Lassies / Kelly's Delight * Break It Up: Still Drunk In The Morning * Elliott's: Elliot Fin MacDonald / Marcia De San Roque * Allegory * Viva: The Sherriff / Viva Calicia * Jigs: Skipping Through The Bogs / A Bottle Of Vodka, Twenty Marlboro Reds And £50 Cashback Please / Abdouls * Lament For Donald Ban MacCrimmon.

Debut album from this young band who have created a buzz throughout the traditional music scene with their powerful music.

The band features three "BBC Radio Scotland Young Traditional Musician Of The Year" finalists and an "All Ireland Bodhran Champion." Winners of "The MG Alba Scots Trad Music Awards 2011 - Best Up And Coming Artist."

Rura combines the passions and influence of some of Scotland's most exciting young musicians and the album is a fine balance of tunes, including a Pibroch, and songs. Tight instrumentals and stunning vocals.

Jack Smedley (fiddle), Steven Blake (bagpipes, whistle), Chris Waite (guitar), David Foley (bodhran, flute), Adam Holmes (vocals, guitar), James Lindsay (bass guitar).

"It has been a pleasure to watch these guys grow as musicians. Individually and collectively, they have forged a sound with fire, passion and drive." (Phil Cunningham)

"Rura are the hottest new band on the Scottish music scene right now. With their cracking blend of pipes and fiddle and mellifluous vocals and songs by Adam Holmes, they're set to go far." (Simon Thoumire)

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