(June 2003) 13 tracks (40 mins): Karaoke Carol * Red Diesel Reels * Song For Ali * Short Day Blues * Orkney Reels * Watersound Shore * Highland Park * The Sisters * Twelve Bar In G * Tongadale Stroganoff * Tabasco Twist * Woolypigjigs * Closing Time.

Tremendous heid-bangin', sporran-shreddin’ traditional music.

Brian Cromarty (guitar, mandola, vocals) and Douglas Montgomery (fiddle, piano, guitar, mandola) really give it laldy on this album of sets and songs, many written by the boys themselves.

Traditional-style tunes with a riff and a lift, raucous rock 'n' roll-style songs and a phenomenal multi-tempo'd Tongadale Reel.

Full of energy and great tunes. Flying fiddle, thumping guitars, and manic mandolin, all with grace and taste!

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