(September 2012) 17 tracks: Sixtieth Celebrations * Berkhamsted Castle * The Foundling * The Potten End Reel * Chiltern Chase * The Ladies Of Berkeau * Ocean Voyage * Trip To Perth * Diamond Reflections * Dulse In Dacorum Est * Lighning At Dawn * Silver Roses * Our Friend Robert * Lord Brownlow's Strathspey * Galbraith's Gold * 'The Other Left' * Monday Welcome.

A superb CD from Sandy and his band, with their usual flair for making you want to dance!

This CD is in addition to The Berkhamsted Diamond Collection, a book of 17 Scottish Country Dances.

Sandy Nixon (lead accordion), Hamish Smith (second accordion), Jim Clark (piano), John Delaney (double bass), Ian Graham (drums).

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