(June 1999) Miss C. M. Barbour * The Castle Park Jig * Sandy Nixon's Reel * For All The Ladies * Jiggery Pokery * Lesley Nixon's Reel * Iain Nixon's Reel * Mo's Jig * Miss Suzanne Barbour * By Dundonald * The Cuckoo Clock * The Whitby Wedding * C.J.'s Reel.

A second dose of a repeat prescription is usually a cause for concern, but as the dispensing doctor here is Sandy Nixon, and the mixture is a real tonic, the prognosis is definitely excellent!

Now revitalised in CD format, this stimulating collection of dance music contains many brilliant contemporary tunes in invigorating style, played for full length dances. Sandy's jaunty genre and stylish syncopations make this album a real pick-me-up to be enjoyed on the dance floor or in the armchair at home.

"Anabolic steroids required to tackle some of these tunes..." (Box & Fiddle)

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