(March 2004) The Luckenbooth Brooch * Tak Tent * The Wind On Loch Fyne * The Chairman * Cornet's Chase * The Pigeon On The Gate * The Quern * Pinewoods Reel * Marie's Farewell * The Marchmont Eightsome * Dalry Strathspey * Christina McLellan * The Cuddy * Bauldy Bain's Fiddle * Gypsy Glen * Bannockburn Reel * Reel Of The Puffins.

A CD of Scottish Country dances devised by the late John Bowie Dickson.

The sparkle and sweeping flow of John's dances and the scintillating brilliance of Sandy Nixon's playing combine in a dynamic album of Scottish Country dance at its best.

"The band has a lively, driving, bouncy sound and it certainly lifts a band to have a string bass." (Box & Fiddle)

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