12 Tracks: Gall-Ghaidheil (Norse-Gaels) * Flit * Fitakaleerie * Gate * Rowk * Owerset I * Owerset II * The Handfasting * The Spey Wife * Blether * Sgeig * Greet.

Owerset is a unique project borne out of a commission Sarah-Jane wrote for Celtic Connections 2018.

The album presents an exciting compositional voice that combines Scottish and Nordic traditions with the playfulness of jazz and the sonic explorations of contemporary music.

Featuring top folk and jazz musicians from the UK and Scandinavia.

Sarah-Jane Summers (fiddle), Bridget Marsden (fiddle), Hayden Powell (trumpet), Leif Ottosson (accordion), Juhani Silvola (electric, acoustic guitars), Morten Kvam (double bass).

"a feast of great music" (The Living Tradition).

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