(1999) 20 tracks: MASSED PIPES and DRUMS 6/8 Marches: (Cock of the North / Farewell to the Creeks) * PIPES and DRUMS 1 BTN. THE HIGHLANDERS Air: (Highland Cathedral) * SHOTTS and DYKEHEAD CALEDONIA * 6/8 Marches: (The Glendaruel Highlanders / The Pibroch of Donald Dubh / Pipe Sergeant J.Barclay) * TOYOTA PIPES and DRUMS Greatest Hits Medley: (Mull of Kintyre / Wooden Heart / Sailin' 5) * PIPES and DRUMS THE SCOTS GUARDS Regimental Marches: (The Garb of Old Gaul / Highland Laddie) * PIPE MAJOR DONALD MacLEOD Highland Fling: (The Devil in the Kitchen) * THE 78TH. FRASER HIGHLANDERS PIPE BAND The Journey to Skye * PIPE MAJOR ROBERT MATHIESON The Bells of Dunblane * STRATHCLYDE POLICE PIPE BAND 2/4 Marches: (The 79th's Farewell to Gibralter / Highland Laddie / The Barren Rocks of Aden) * PIPES and DRUMS 1BN. THE HIGHLANDERS The Sands of Kuwait * MASSED BANDS Retreat Marches: (The Green Hills of Tyrol / The Battle's O'er) * SIMON FRASER UNIVERSITY PIPE BAND Classical Selection: (Pachelbel's Canon) * PIPES and DRUMS 1 BN. THE BLACK WATCH Working Day Calls: (Hey Johnnie Cope / Brose and Butter / Bannocks of Barley Meal / The Green Hills of Tyrol) * PIPE MAJOR ANGUS MacDONALD Slow Air: (The Flowers of the Forest) * PIPES and DRUMS THE ROYAL SCOTS DRAGOON GUARDS Air: (Amazing Grace) * THE PIPES and DRUMS OF BRITISH CALEDONIAN AIRWAYS 4/4 Marches: (Sir Adam Thompson / The Crags of Tumbledown Mountain) * PIPES and DRUMS 1 BN. THE ROYAL HIGHLAND FUSILIERS Air: (Flower of Scotland ) * THE 78TH. FRASER HIGHLANDERS PIPE BAND Slow Air, Jig and Hornpipe: (The Fair Maid of Barra / The Gold Ring / The Clumsy Lover) * DYSART and DUNDONALD PIPE BAND Favourite Hymns: (The Lord's My Shepherd / By Cool Siloam's Shady Rill / The Day Has Ended) * MASSED BANDS Toronto Tattoo March Off: (Scotland the Brave / We're No' Awa' Tae Bide Awa' / The Black Bear).

Classic and contemporary pipe tunes.

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