(January 2006) 15 tracks: Red House (8x40R) * The Linton Ploughman (8x32J) * The Sleeping Warrior (4x32S) * Dundee Reel (8x40R) * La Russe (4x64R) * Margaret Parker’s Strathspeym (8x32S) * Lord MacLay’s Reel (4x40R) * The Bryon Strathspey (3x32S) * The Haunt Of The Gnomes (1x64S) * John Of Bon Accord (8x32R) * The Earl Of Errol’s Reel (1x200J) * Craigellachie Bridge (4x32S) * Happy To Meet (8x32J) * A Toast To St * Andrew’s (4x48R).

Another addition to the Scottish Country dance collection issued by Highlander Music.

Fifteen full-length dances - reels, jigs and strathspeys - played by the superbly enthusiastic Robert Whitehead and the Danelaw Dance Band.

Two accordions, drums, keyboard and fiddle make an excellent sound, with plenty of stylish arrangements of tunes old and new.

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