Grade 1

Airs: Archibald McDonald Of Keppoch * Auld Lang Syne * Is Truagh Nach D'Rugadh Dall Mi * Nighean Donn A' Chuailein Riomhaich * Old Lament * Tàladh Eirisgeach.

Dance Tunes: Dexter Day * Fliss's Fiftieth * I Shall Not Go To My Bed Till I Should Die * Siudaibh 'Illean Gabhaidh 'm Port * Jumping Geordie * Till An Crodh, Leig An Crodh.

Recent Compositions: A Bheil Cuimhne Agad * Irene's Waltz * Milligan's Waltz * Odyssey * The Last Captain * Pentland Hills.

A collection of tunes carefully selected for your repertoire or to create a programme for TMGE or SQA exams.

The Royal Conservatoire Of Scotland offers Scottish Music Traditional Graded examinations in which anyone can participate, from school-age pupils to adult learners and enthusiasts.

The harp Syllabus 2014 - 2020 can be viewed on the The Royal Conservatoire Of Scotland website.

Where appropriate, tunes in this volume have been edited for guidance purposes.

The pieces were selected by Patsy Seddon in consultation with Christine Martin and Gillian Fleetwood and are from many well known players, teachers and arrangers of Scottish harp music.

A super resource for SQA exams, concerts, ceilidhs, mods or purely to start your repertoire!

Book Format - A4, Level: Beginners.

"I'd recommend them to anyone wanting to explore their chosen instrument, at any stage of life." Pete Heywood, Living Tradition Magazine 2015.

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