Grade 3

Airs: Caidil Gu Là * Mrs Jamieson's Favourite * Ca' The Yowes * Oran Do Dhòmhnaill Gorm Òg * Tha Na h-Uain Air An Tulaich * A Nochd Gur Faoin Mo Chadal Dhomh.

Dance Tunes: Lady Montgomery * Waltz For Kylin * Thoir a-Nall Ailean Ugam * The Sour Mash * Peter Baillie * Mile Marbhaisg Air A' Ghaol * Mingulay Boat Song * Saoil A Mhòr Am Pòs Thu?

Recent Compositions: William And Cathrene's Waltz * The Walnut Waltz * Roin Aig Rubha * Jamie's Jig * Chocolate -Coated Clouds * The Bendy Tune.

A collection of tunes carefully selected to build your repertoire or to create a programme for TMGE or SQA exams.

The Royal Conservatoire Of Scotland offers Scottish Music Traditional Graded examinations in which anyone can participate, from school-age pupils to adult learners and enthusiasts.

The harp syllabus 2014 - 2020 can be viewed on the The Royal Conservatoire Of Scotland website.

The arrangements represent the technical standard to be expected at the grade, and as such should be adhered to by candidate when performing the exam.

The pieces were selected by Patsy Seddon in consultation with Christine Martin and Gillian Fleetwood and are from many well known players, teachers and arrangers of Scottish harp music.

A super resource for SQA exams, concerts, ceilidhs, mods or purely to start your repertoire!

Book Format - A4

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