(1996) (64 mins): Delvinside / The Highland Lassie Going to The Fair / The Pretty Apron / The Ladies From Hell * The Lewis Soldier / Thick Lies the Mist / The Rose Among The Heather / Hiro Hirum / The Lewis Wedding * Murdo MacLeod / Colonel Davidson / Jeannie Carruthers / The 74th's Farewell to Edinburgh / Achany Glen * The Swallow-tailed Coat / Turf Lodge * Lord Alexander Kennedy / Delvinside / Pretty Marion * The Tom Bigbee Waltz * Bobby Cuthbertson / The Ballachulish Walkabout / The March Of the Cameron Men * Captain E.B.B. Towse V.C. / Marion's Hornpipe / Alan MacPherson of Mosspark * Hugh Kennedy / Trevisans' March * Caber Feidh / The Shepherd's Crook / Alick C MacGregor / The Smith of Chillichassie * Too Long In this Condition * The Duchess Of Edinburgh / Arniston Castle / John MacKechnie * The Knightswood Ceilidh / Major D. Manson At Cachantrushal * Calum Beag / Donnie MacGregor / Donald Cameron's Powder Horn / The Curlew.

In the Autumn of 1996 Glasgow's new Piping Centre heralded its opening by hosting a piping recital series. The Centre's custom-built auditorium provided the ideal venue for the series which was designed to showcase the best in Highland piping and featured several of the world's most celebrated names. This CD features John D Burgess and Donald MacPherson.

They lived up to, and indeed surpassed, all expectations, providing us with an archive of music which will surely be a must for any piping enthusiast's collection.

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