(2001) 42 tracks on 3 CDs

Boxed set of over three hours of live and studio recordings by the Scottish Fiddle Orchestra.

CD 1: Fiddlers to the Fore * Reel of the 51st Division (Drunken Piper * Barren Rocks of Aden * The Hopeful Lover * The Deveron Reel) * Highland Barn Dance (Jock MacCallum of Rodel * Harvest Home Hornpipe) * Flower O' The Quern * Salute to J Scott Skinner (Scott Skinner's Compliments to Dr MacDonald * The Laird o' Drumblair * Davie Work) * The Strings of Bon Accord * Orcadian Music (Scapa Flow * Deerness Jig * Graemeshall Bay) * The Heroes of Longhope * Dashing White Sergeant (Rakes of Mallow * Waves of Tory * The Stronsay Wedding * Siege of Ennis * Reel of Ildinguie) * Bluebell Polka (Liberton Pipe Band) * Irish Jigs (medley- Irish Washerwoman, Rakes of Kildare, Sorry to Part, The Rollicking Irishman) * Scottish Waltzes (Auld Scots Sangs * O Rowan Tree * The Auld Hoose * Kelvingrove * My Love Is Like A Red Red Rose * Annie Laurie * Scots Wha Hae) * Pipe Marches (The Hills of Alva * The Scottish Horse * The Bugle Horn) * Fiddle Duet (The Hardanger) * Spaelimenninir L'Hoydlum * Swinging Reels (Kenmay House * Golden Slippers * Willie and Bessie * The Peedie Sea Indian * Caddam Wood)

CD 2: Cockney Jocks * The Scottish Reform (Prince of Wales' Jig * Kenmuirs On an' Awa' * Top of Ben Lomond * Bonnie Dundee * Jig of Slurs * Cock o' the North) * Highland Barn Dance (Duncan Mackinnon's Welcome to Port Ellen * John McFadyen of Melfort) * Music of Scott Skinner (The Music o' Spey) * Dunbarton Castle (The Miller o' Him * Mackenzie Fraser) * Frank Jamiesons Two Step * Salute to the Cornkisters (McFarlane o' the Sprots * Brunie Boosie * Barnyards o' Dalgety * Mormond Braes * Bonnie Lass o' Fyvie * Muckin' o' Geordie's Byre) * Petronella (Neivie Neivie Nick Nack * Come Let Us Dance and Sing * Wee Jamie * French Air * Brenda's Box) * Scottish Waltz * Polkas (The Royal Scots Polka * Nellie Inkster's Peedie Polka) * The Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh (Birkhall * The New High Level * Hornpipe * Kirk's Hornpipe) * Eva Three Step (Dovecote Park * Mary Sandeman's Farewell to Ness) * Duets (The Academican) * Swinging Reels (Kemnay House * Golden Slippers * Willie and Bessie * The Peedie Sea Indian * Caddam Wood)

CD 3: The Tam O'Shanter and Cutty-Sark Overture * The Hen's March o'er the Midden * The 6.20 Two Step * Highland Barn Dance (Maid of Islay * Trumpet Hornpipe) * Bagpipe Marches (Major Norman Orr-Ewing * Hills of Glen Orchy * John D Burgess) * Duke of Perth (Lady McKenzie of Coull * Reel of Stumpie * The Rose Tree * I'll Gang Nae Mair Tae Yon Toon * My Love She's But A Lassie Yet) * Slow Air (The Heart of Bon Accord) * The Cumberland Reel (The Ferry * Jeannie's Blue E'en * Greenholm * The Oban Weekend * Orange and Blue) * The Trow Fiddlers * Old Scottish Waltzes (Come o'er the Stream Charlie * Gin I Were A Baron's Heir * Ye Banks and Braes * Logie O' Buchan * Kirkconnel Lea * Dark Lochnagar) * The Orkney Two Step * The Shetland Two Step (The Dwarfie Stane)

"The Scottish Fiddle Orchestra...under the baton of John Mason. As if these facts were not recommendation enough" (Scots Magazine)

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