(June 2006) 25 tracks (56 mins): PRINCE OF THE MISTS Overture played by The Scottish Fiddle Orchestra (15 tracks) * MY LOVE IS LIKE A RED RED ROSE (James Nicol, tenor) * THE BLUEBELL POLKA * SCOTLAND AGAIN (Mary Sandeman, mezzo soprano) * SCOTLAND THE BRAVE * ROAD TO THE ISLES (James Nicol) * SALUTE TO J SCOTT SKINNER (Dumbarton Castle / The Miller o' Hirn / Mackenzie Fraser) * SHE MOVED THROUGH THE FAIR (Mary Sandeman) * THE ROWAN TREE (Mary Sandeman and James Nicol) * CANADIAN REELS (Canadian National Exhibition Reel / Earl Mitten's Breakdown / Don Messer's Breakdown) - Bill Cheatam, SFO Folk Symphony * LAST OF THE LAIRDS (Teviot Bridge / New Rigged Ship / Stool of Repentance / Mary Bain's Wedding / The Hundred Pipers Orchestra).

Special Edition DVD and CD set.

The concept of this overture is to tell in musical terms, the short history of the Rebellion of 1745, culminating in the last battle to be fought on British soil - Culloden, in 1746.

The music has been chosen either for its direct association with the incidents, or for the place names relevant to the itinerary of the Prince and his Highland Army. So far as possible, music prevalent at the time has been used.

On the entertaining and informative DVD, the music recording is embellished with historical, illustrative material and spectacular concert footage.

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