10 Tracks: Walking On The Waves * Long Legged Woman * I Will Love You * Never Tire Of The Road * Some Nights * I'm On Fire * Belle Of The Ball * Sunny Side * I Don't Know * Paddy's Green Shamrock.

A debut album from newcomer to the Irish Country scene Shane Owens.

Born in Reading just outside London to Irish parents (both Mum and Dad are from Cavan) Shane from the age of three fell in love with Irish country music, at every opportunity he would raid his dads record collection and listen for endless hours to Mick Flavin, Mike Denver, and some legends from the USA including Waylon Jennings, George Jones and Willie Nelson.

By the age of five, he was performing the country classic Country Roads on stage at his local Irish club, and there and then he was bitten by the bug and he has never looked back.

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