(April 2000) 11 tracks: The Parrot, Rosie (song), The Wooden Ball, The Three Wishes, Betsy Bell (song), Cod Liver Oil (song), The Trampman, Jock Stewart (song), Native American - Origin Story, Never Wed An Auld Man (song), Appley And Orangey.

With the increasing interest in storytelling has come numerous requests for material and Sheila, like so many of the "tradition bearers", is all too keen to oblige.

From an early age, Sheila was deliberately exposed to songs and stories and as a child grew up accompanied by classic ballads, comic songs, 'make-ye-ups' and of course stories and legends.

Discovered in 1954, the Stewarts of Blair - Sheila, her mother Belle, father Alec and sister Cathie - were regular performers in folk clubs and festivals.

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