(October 2012) 17 tracks: Teenie O' Crugafirth (Callum Nicolson Band) * Carnival March / Billy's Welcome To Canons Park / Fladdabister Rant (Maggie Adamson And Brian Nicholson) * Martin And Amy Leask O' Windyheights / The Globetrotters Reel / Angela And Steven Brevik's Reel / Auld Willie Blance O' Graven (Drewie Hawick And Friends) * Da Dance O' Da Sooth Wast Wind / Firelicht Waltz / Lilian (Jimmy Burgess Band) * Jessie's Jig / A Sip Of Green Tea (Ryan Couper) * The Skerries Wedding March / Lenny Smith Of Heylar / The Calgary Fiddlers' Welcome To Shetland (Ceilidh Pukkels) * George's Reel /Rhoda's Bonhoga / Da Tug Boys' Rant (Lisa Fullerton And Alison Kay Ramsay) * Waltz To Lauren (David Halcrow Band) * Gutrom The Dane 1994 / Trip To Bute (Da Fustra) * Pattullo's Polka (Brian Morrison) * Anne's Peerie Tune (Bryan Gear And Violet Tulloch) * Kol Kalison's March / Queen Of The North / Martin Yule (James Leask Band) * Da Wastside Brides March / Da Muckle Reel O' Papa / Benort Da Daeks O' Voe (Birls Aloud) * Da Shallow Fish Reel / Dee An' Me / Peerie Smoot / Da Quick Flit Hom (Leeshinat) * Gift O' Da Gab (Kirsten Hendry And Merran Nugent) * The Burns Of Fairfield / Inspector Arnold Duncan's Farewell To The Northern Constabulary / Eddie Harold (Peter Wood Band) * Da Naked Jarl's Two Step (The Cullivoe Band).

A selection of Shetland music performed by Shetland musicians to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the Shetland Accordion And Fiddle Club.

This CD showcases Shetland composers and features a mix of 17 talented musicians, young and the not so young.

Collectively they have provided varied and enjoyable music, reflecting the diverse talent of both composers and musicians from Shetland Isles.

The Shetland Accordion And Fiddle Festival is held annually. Here's to the next 25 years!

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