(July 2006) 10 tracks (50 mins): The Haggis * The Tweedside Lassies * Heartsease * Twisted Tunes * Kaleidoscope * Tide Comes In * Pale Winter Sunshine * Brave Snowdrops * The Border Set * The Ettrick Shepherd.

BBC Radio Scotland Young Traditional Musician Of The Year 2005 - the opportunity to make this CD was part of her prize as the winner.

Shona has put together some great sets with a particular affinity for music, people and places from her own Scottish Borders home area. The album is bursting with ideas, great playing and lovely arrangements.

Supporting musicians are Ian Stephenson (guitar, melodeon, harmonium), David de la Haye (electric bass, guitar, electronics), James Mackintosh (drums, percussion) and Ali Vass (piano).

Shona began playing music with her parents in the band O'er The Border and has gone on to feature prominently in the acclaimed Borders Young Fiddles and CrossCurrent and has toured with the Scottish folk orchestra, Unusual Suspects.

Much of Shona's repertoire comes from her father's research into Borders piping and she intends building upon this work by searching out more Borders melodies and interpreting them and integrating them with contemporary influences.

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