(May 2008) 12 tracks: Hughie Rory's Dancing Feat * The Old Woman's Dance * Up And Doon The Lift * Serenade For Bombarde, Banjo & 120 Bass Accordion * Breton Scottish * Midge Eaten * Donald The Hall * Leaving Glen Urquhart * Neil's Wee Tune * Fiona Beaton Rock n' Roll Fiddler * The Brechin Strum * Bog An Lochan.

Lively, energetic music from this dynamic young group - Katherine Liley (fiddle), David Adam (pipes, whistle, flute), David Sutherland (guitar, bass) and Peter Hunter (mandolin, mandola).

Traditional and contemporary tunes, including several written by Katherine.

Tunes from Brittany, Galicia, Cape Breton, Scotland and Ireland.

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