11 Tracks: The Exorcists * At The End Of The Line * Live Forever * Mile High * Hold On * Trip To Modera * Take My Hand * Borderline * Waiting On The Sun * Soraidh Slan * The Rise.

A sixth studio album on the Tyree Record label from supergroup Skerryvore.

The multi award-winning eight piece line-up, firm favourites on the festival scene, will launch EVO at their own signature festival, Oban Live, just days before its official June 11th 2018 release.

Full of their trademark fusion of folk, trad, rock and Americana this heady brew of musicians hails from all corners of Scotland, each one bringing something different to the mix. Glasgow-based, Livingston-born lead singer and guitarist Alec Dalglish has penned five new songs that contrast with the belting tunes spread liberally across the 11 track release.

Skerryvore - named after a remote reef in western Scotland - have stealthily evolved their driving Celt-rock sound over the past 12 years.

Includes booklet with notes on each track.

EVO - Abbreviation of evolution - an unfolding, opening out, or working out; process of development, as from a simple to a complex form, or of gradual, progressive change.

Alec Dalgleish (vocals, guitar), Daniel Gillespie (accordion), Martin Gillespie (accordion, pipes, whistles), Scott Wood (piper, whistles), Craig Espie (fiddle), Jodie Bremaneson (bass), Fraser West (drums), Alan Scobie (keys).

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